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About Us

iStock_000030255086LargeBobcat Investigation Services, LLC is licensed by the State of Texas, covers Fort Worth, Dallas and surrounding areas and has been in business since 1999.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to verify and document the truth of the matter.

Our Mission:

Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC focuses on our core competency and expertise of surveillance for law firms, businesses, individuals and insurance companies in Fort Worth, Dallas and throughout the state of Texas. We understand that each surveillance is unique, therefore we customize each investigation in order to get results for our clients. Our agency is professional, timely and has vast experience and resources to ensure that our clients receive all available information. We provide our clients verbal updates, video on DVD, and detailed written reports to ensure they have the evidence they need.

Our Values:

At Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC, our private investigators are client-focused, ethical, trustworthy and reliable. When you give us your case you can rest assured it will be handled in a professional, discreet, and timely manner. Our private investigators are motivated to perform at the highest level to ensure client satisfaction.

Ethical: We abide by the law of Texas, and all of our decisions are made in a manner that will never jeopardize the admissibility of evidence.

Trustworthy: Our experience, quality of work product and credibility assures our clients that we do the job we say we will do.

Client-Focused: Our clients are our main focus. We care about them and their cases. We will go the extra mile to ensure they have all available information.

Professional: Our clients can rest easy knowing they have hired a professional investigative agency that will conduct a thorough investigation and provide a verbal update, detailed written report and video that documents all activities observed during the investigation.

Performance: Our private investigators are trained to follow our company protocol and are held to a high standard so that our clients receive steady, clear video as well as complete and consistent reports. Our investigators are known for going above and beyond in order to get the best results.

Reliable: Our private investigators will be on location on time and work the hours agreed upon. Our clients will feel comfortable knowing that we are on their case when we say we are! There will be no doubt that we are on the job!

Discreet: Each and every case and investigation will be handled with the utmost discretion. Our reports, videos, client information and case details are released only to our clients.

Timely: Once the case is submitted, the investigator will be deployed at the agreed upon day and time. The reports and videos will be prepared and sent out within 3-5 days of the completion of the case.

Motivated: Our clients will see our enthusiasm to get case results. Our timely updates during the investigation will assure our clients that we want the best results for every case.

Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC and their private investigators are currently members in good standing of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI), National Council of Investigation Security Services (NCISS) and Investigative and Security Professionals for Legislative Action (ISPLA).

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