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Business Case Studies

Case-studiesThieves Identified for Large Beer Company

A large beer corporation was experiencing a substantial loss of merchandise from their warehouse. The corporation retained Bobcat Investigations Services, LLC to find out which employees were stealing the product. It was determined through investigative efforts of surveillance that several employees were carrying the cases and kegs by forklift to the back gate of the warehouse to one of the delivery truck. A driver was assisting by parking the truck by the gate and helping them load the stolen product into the truck. RESULT: The drivers and warehouse employees were identified, terminated from employment, and prosecuted criminally.

Trailer from Semi- Truck Stolen Was Found and Recovered

A trucking company retained Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC to investigate a Semi Truck stolen from a truck stop. Bobcat’s investigators were able to get the security video from a nearby business, interview people in neighboring residences as well as the truck driver. The trailer was located in a nearby neighborhood. After interviewing the truck driver he was suspected of being involved with a group that steals semi’s and takes them to the Mexican border.  RESULT: The employee was terminated from the Trucking Company, the trailer was recovered, and law enforcement and border patrol notified.

Lost Work Time Verified

A large Construction Company suspected the employees were not working the hours clocked in. Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC conducted surveillance at the construction site. The investigator obtained covert video of the manager sitting in his truck, smoking cigarettes and surfing the Internet on his laptop during work hours. The employees were observed arriving hours late and taking 2 hour lunch breaks. RESULT: The Company reprimanded the employees and terminated the manager.

Fraudulent Workers Comp Case Uncovered

A large Insurance Company retained Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC to investigate a claimant that had been collecting workers comprehension. Surveillance of the subject was performed for a three day period. Our investigators were able to document the subject (who was supposed to be unable to walk after a knee injury), as she walked around Wal-Mart, to and from her vehicle and in and out of businesses thru-out the day. The subject was observed using crutches only as she entered the Doctors office. RESULT: The Insurance Company was given the report and video and the claimant no longer received her monthly workers comp check and the Insurance Company pressed charges for Insurance Fraud.

Vehicles Located and Repossessed

A Bank needed assistance in locating two vehicles. The vehicles were bought and the couple that borrowed the money had not made a payment in over a year. They were on the run and hiding the vehicles. Our lead investigator Lisa Edrich was able to locate the one vehicle parked on a side street and the other vehicle parked in the parking lot at a pay by the week hotel, in Arlington Texas. RESULT: The vehicles were repossessed and returned to the Bank. The couple woke up to an empty parking lot.


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