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Family Law Attorneys Case Studies

Case-studiesInfidelity Documented to Discredit the Subject

A family Law attorney needed assistance documenting infidelity of his client’s spouse. Our investigators initiated several days of surveillance and revealed that the subject was indeed having an affair with a neighborhood friend. RESULT: The client filed for a divorce and the attorney used the evidence in court to discredit the subject. The investigator testified as to what was observed and documented.

Visitation Changed for the Welfare of the Children

Our client suspected the father of her children was drinking while in possession of the children. Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC investigators conducted a week long surveillance of his residence. The investigator obtained video documentation of the subject drinking at a park and at a restaurant on multiple occasions, while in possession of his children. RESULT: The client was able to file for an emergency custody hearing and the subject was ordered to wear an alcohol detection device. Visitation for the father was changed to supervised visits only.

Full Custody Granted Due To Documented Proof

Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC was retained to determine why our client’s live in girlfriend always had large amounts of cash and why the young child talked about “play time in a hotel room.” Our investigator initiated surveillance on the mother and was able to confirm that she was a working prostitute. The investigator documented several men coming and going from a hotel room that the subject checked into. It was determined that the mother had the child with her on several occasions while she “worked”… RESULT: The client moved out and filed for FULL custody of his child. The video documentation and report was used to win his custody case.

Kidnapped Child Reunited with Her Mother

A young mother retained Bobcat investigation Services, LLC after her 2 year old child’s father took the child and left North Carolina. The child had been missing more than 2 years and during that time several investigators had been hired to locate them. Finally, Bobcat Investigation Services, LLC was hired and after two weeks of extensive investigations, Lead Investigator Lisa Edrich was able to locate the father and the child in a small town in Texas. RESULT: The Mother and child were reunited in Texas and returned to North Carolina. The father was arrested for parental kidnapping and other warrant in Texas.

Parent Loses Primary Custody Due to Documentation

A mother of two young children was suspected to be smoking pot and doing other drugs. Our investigators were retained to document and confirm this activity. After many days of surveillance, the subject was caught driving her vehicle while smoking pot, with the children in the backseat. The activity was documented on video and on a detailed report. RESULT: The father filed an emergency custody hearing. The investigator testified as to what she observed and the mother was sent for a drug screening and lost primary custody of her children.

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