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Why Choose Bobcat Investigations

You may think a private investigator is something only someone in a movie would use. A detective is for murder plots, right? Actually, a private investigator is used by many people in Fort Worth just like yourself for a variety of reasons. If you are going to court soon, evidence of the truth strengthens your case and that is exactly what this type of expert provides.

Cheating spouses, the safety of a child in child custody arrangements, business deals being done dishonestly, and fraudulent worker’s compensation cases are just the beginning of what we can handle for you at Bobcat Investigation Services.

Best Private Investigator Services in TX

We are discreet, experienced, and above all, professional. Since most of our clients are gathering information for a court case, we make sure all of the evidence we collect is admissible in court and the investigator will even testify if necessary. Don’t make your upcoming time in front a judge a “he said, she said situation.” Arm yourself with proof of the truth, provided by Bobcat Investigation services, and begin your trial with confidence.

Of course, you don’t have to use the information we gather for you in a legal situation. Maybe you just want proof whether someone is lying to you, like a spouse or businesses partner. Whatever you do with the truth we uncover is up to you.

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Call us today at (817) 731-9090 for a free consultation to discuss your need for our Fort Worth-based private investigator services. We cover the Fort Worth, Dallas and Surrounding areas. Unlike some other private investigators, we have a bright and professional office to meet you in. You won’t have to let us work out of your home or meet us in a dingy diner to discuss how your case is progressing. We take our craft very seriously, because we take your case very seriously.